The best sun hats and sun protection accessories for athletes and adventurers.

The best sun hats for Golfing, Sailing, Walking, Running, Fishing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Five styles of Shelta sun hats for different uses. SPG50+ Sun protections for all your travel needs. This hat makes the best fathers day gift. For the dad who has evertything. The Osprey is the sun hat style that started it all. It features a slim brim shape that protects the tip of the ears and the back of the neck from harmful UV rays. The No Sag headband, brim technology and the fact that it floats, make the style a favorite for those who are in the water as much as on it. Designed to be a step up from a cap, the Osprey sun hat brim doesn’t get in the way of paddlers, fly fishermen or anyone who needs space around the head for arm movement The Seahawk sun hat is our best-selling style. The Seahawk sun hat offers all the same features as the Osprey sun hat, only with a wider brim. This more traditional look, with updated styling, offers more shade for those who do not desire space around the head for arm clearance. Truly amphibious, the No Say headband, No Flop grim technology and the fact it floats, make it a favorite of water sports enthusiast. The Seahawk sun hats are our most multi-purpose style that you cannot go wrong with. Offered in nine colors including a high visibility Blaze Orange and XXXL for big heads. This aggressive and technical 5 panel style is a direct result from feedback from our runners, fishermen and paddlers that wanted more shade that the Osprey sun hat and a moisture management system that dealt with heavy perspiration. Laser cut venting, light weight breathable fabric and a multi-panel interior moisture management system make this sun hat style perfect for fitness-based activities. The Raptor V2 sun hats are also offered in a high visibility blaze orange-The best sun hats for Sailing, Golf, River rafting and fishing
This technical 5 panel crown style has a wider brim for those who desire more shade, but still demand performance. Laser cut venting on the sides, breathable fabric and a multi-panel interior moisture management system makes this style prefect for fitness-based activities or hot climate conditions where heavy perspiration is a concern -"The best sun hat for upf 50 protection with a no flop brimThe Condor was created from feedback by our Shelta family who desired a sun hat style designed more for hot conditions and sun protection, than fitness related sports or activities. This more traditional looking style features a deeper crown for air flow and a wider downward angled brim for more UV protection.  A full vapor barrier liner keeps the fabric off of your scalp and allows air to flow through the laser cut venting holes and breathable fabric. Still amphibious, the No Sag headband, No Flop brim technology and the fact it floats, makes the Condor water safe.  Perfect for cruising on the boat, digging in the garden, or just walking on the beach. We did not include a pocket on the Condor, this was done to make the hat lighter.Shelta Sun Hat Styles vary depending on your use. The SPF50+ Sun Hats are the best sun hats for athletes and adventurers. Most boat owners have them for everyone on the boat. Best sun hats for SUP, Fishing hats, Sailing hats, golf sun hats, kayaking etc.Shelta Gifts Cards make a great gift. Click Here to Purchase