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The Shelta Neck Shield

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Our product's narrow brim has received acclaim for its impressive performance. However, based on feedback from test pilots, we have realized the need for additional sun protection in certain scenarios. In response, we have developed the neck shield. Easily attachable to our cord system, it offers UPF 50+ protection for the neck, ears, and face. Lightweight and removable, this accessory works well with all Shelta styles, specifically designed for those with narrower brims.


 How it works:

 The chin cord must be attached and worn snugly around the chin or worn military style (cinched tightly on the back of the neck)

 It can be worn 3 ways:

  1. On top of the back brim and away from the neck.
  2. Tucked under the back brim and close to the neck.
  3. Placed under the front brim and close to the face.


Do not wear the neck shield over your face when in water.

 Fabric is:

  1. UPF 50+ rated
  2. Breathable 100% polyester fabric.
  3. Weight: 0.5 oz.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tom Eisenhauer
Great addition

This is a great add-on to the hat. Unlike the bill, it blows around in windy conditions which is to be expected. It stays attached even when I wore it playing in the waves at the beach. Great coverage for the ears and neck. I like that it’s detachable and can used when needed. I’d recommend it.

Michael C Tyson
Great Hat!!

First of all they make hats that fit my big head.
This hat simply makes me happy.
Good quality great customer service. I’m buying another one soon.

Alain Vignolo

Great hat!
I used it for the first time on a surf trip to Mexico and the hat performed beyond expectations. Surfing / Swimming and Hiking.
I highly recommend it.

daniel scheer
Needs work

I love the hat but hate the neck shield. It’s kind of a pain to put on and the material is loud and doesn’t offer much sun protection. Should have saved my money and just tied a bandanna on the hat. I own another brand of hat that the neck shield stores in the brim of the hat and works awesome. Maybe you guys can do that to a future model.

Don W
Great hat even when swimming in the sea

I'm on a tropical island and using my hat even when playing on the waves and no burn! Great hat!