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My hat

Great fit, works great in the wind when driving a boat your view doesn't get blocked by the rim. The vents should be all around the hat.

After 2 years here are the highs and the lows: 360’ review.

In my quest for the ultimate on the water sun hat, I ended up at Shelta’s door. Here’s my complete 360’ review:

The lows:
- my wife hates this hat, and it’s only a 6/10 fashion look for me as well. Kinda a cross between Smokey the Bear, meets state trooper/RCMP officer, meets Earnest goes to camp. Sad to say but hard to look “cool” in this hat.
- while tending our campfire one evening a few errant embers landed on my hat, and now I have not one, not two, but three lovely holes to contend with of varying sizes. I have repaired the holes with a glue filler and now it looks like a flock of incontinent seagulls flown overhead.
- after 2 years of fairly light use, I live in Canada so don’t use the hat for about 7 months of winter (except a couple winter tropic holidays) the hat has some unwelcome (not to mention surprising) wear in two places right on the leading edge of the brim. Seems only a matter of time before the hat will be toast, and I was hoping for a life long hat, akin to Indiana Jones, where his hat is like an old friend in stead of a piece of PPE.
- I really wanted a hat that had the neck shield build in to it. Full marks for having them have a detachable neck shield but it seems a miss that a hat of this level of engineering can’t incorporate the neck protection, seems a miss in my opinion.
- lastly, the hat is expensive and while I overlook that aspect to get my “ultimate” sun hat, sadly it appears this hat will not last forever and it makes me ill to think, I’ll have to pay that much for another one when this one wears out.

The highs:
- that non-floppy brim is awesome, whether wet or windy or both, being able to see in all conditions under the brim is fantastic.
- the hat is light weight.
- the hat is moisture wicking/breaths and so feels cool temperature on your head.
- great chin strap and strap wearing options, and the fact the strap can be removed is a rather unique feature.
- folds flat nicely to fit in your suitcase/pack.

Concluding and suggestion remarks:
- perhaps an upgrade in fabric to give better wear and fire resistant characteristics.
- I’m convinced adding a neck sun shield can be integrated into the hat for improved versatility with low angled sun conditions. I’ve seen this done exceedingly well in other hats and I believe shelter can do it as well.
A few pics added here to show the wear areas and my repaired burn holes.

Would I buy this hat again? Maybe! I’m vested in it for the moment and will see how long it takes to wear out, my feeling is that when the fabric on the brim let’s go that will be the end of the hats usefulness. I’ll have to reevaluate when that happens and see if I’m willing to shout out another huge wad of cash for this hat that checks a lot of boxes, but has some shortcomings as well.


Awesome hat !

Best hat ever. This is my second one. Operator error during the Newport To Bermuda race. I came up on deck wo the cord under my chin and it went to King Neptune. Someone will love it bc it floats great and will definitely be traveling the world. I had it for over 3 years and never a complaint. I have the Osprey too.

Not as large as the pictures indicate

Well made but the brim is much smaller than the photos and advertising seem to show

This hat is everything I wanted it to be. It is my convertible top-down hat.

Seahawk or Condor

I purchased the two different styles of hats individually. I enjoy both, but there are some differences that I feel should be better explained.
My initial purchase was for a XXXL Condor in the standard grey, however when I received my hat I received a Seahawk style hat in the size and color that I had requested. Being that the hat that I received was not what I ordered I contacted customer service and informed them of the error and that after trying the hat on I decided to go down one size to the XXL. The return process was extremely easy and I received my XXL Condor hat in grey about 1 week later. The Condor is a bit on the snug side due to the different style of cap, but I am still more than satisfied with the hat overall. The Seahawk's standard bucket type skull cap provides more room than the Condor's sport skull cap. After experiencing this snugness I ordered an XXL Seahawk and am extremely happy with the fit and coverage provided by it.

Versatile Hat

I've had Mohs surgery for skin cancer four times on my face and need to stay in the shade as much as I can. Purchased hat for riding bike, tennis and pickleball but have also found it useful while I preflight my airplane in the bright Alabama / NW Florida sunshine.

Best hat ever !

Great hat

Does the job! Great hat!

This hat is exactly what I was looking for. Fit was true to size. Love the slim look and knew as soon as I first pulled it from the box It was a quality hat. Well done Shelta!

The real deal….

Just got back from Hiking 4 days in sun and high humidity.! I put my Landhawk through the test. Excellent coverage of face and even neck. What was immediately noticeable was even with heavy sweating there was not one time that the outside of the hat was wet. The sweat was wicked onto the inside of the hat and then evaporated through the air flow in vents. You got to buy at least one !!

Shelta and Boating

The Shelta )sprey is great for boating and/or windy conditions. They stay on your head and do not flop around. We have bought 4 of these hats and referred to friends.

Almost perfect

Very very comfy. The day I received it, the family went on a windy boat ride. Did not fall off despite 17 mph winds and going 25-30 knots most of the way. This is really better than just going to the store and getting some random hat for half the price. Only complaint is that I don't look like to cool dudes in the pictures. I know... I know... Shelta can't do everything for me.

Fits my small head and stays on while driving the boat!

I was a little unsure about ordering this hat since not many women have left reviews. After receiving my Osprey in a size small I was thrilled at the way it looked and fit. It stays on my head while I am driving our boat and truly does not flop! I will be ordering another one once they have more color selections available in August/September. I am also going to recommend this to some of my women friends who would really love this style hat.

Quality product!

fabulous hat

it is great to find a bucket hat that fits without squeezing my head. it fits great and looks phenomenal.

Excellent hat! This is my second one. They are very durable. I like that the brim doesn’t flop around. Does a great job of blocking the sun without being too big.

I've my new Shelta hat!!

Fire bird hat

Comfortable stays on while riding jet ski at 5 0 mph and does not flop . Great hat would highly recommend

The Landhawk

The Landhawk is the second shelta hat I have purchased. I wanted a wide brim hat that I could use for easy walking in hot and humid conditions. As we have had extremely hot and humid weather, thisn was a good time to test the performance of this hat. I can say that the hat performed quite well. It protected my head and face from the sun, kept the heat off of my head, and allowed me to perspire naturally.

Awesome Hat

Love the hat love the bendable modelable brim - accidently ordered wrong size so waiting on exchange so if that process goes smoothly - 5 stars all the way around

Quality at its finest

Awesome hats for outdoor activities. With stands machine wash on regular basis. No complaints, various options to meet ones needs.


Yes, finally a hat I love !!! Old man with a big head thanks you


I love these hats! This is the second one that I have purchased. Will definitely be a returning customer!

Great Hat for Tennis

Love how it keeps the ears and face protected and doesn't feel like its in the way. Awesome