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Shelta Sun hat stylesIn the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and United Kingdom, hiking means walking outdoors on a trail, or off trail,  for recreational purposes. Shelta wants to help outdoor enthusist to protect them from skin cancer. The Shelta patented No Flop Brim helps when windy or wet.  A day hike refers to a hike that can be completed in a single day. However, in the United Kingdom,  the word walking is also used, as well as rambling, while walking in mountainous areas is called hillwalking. In Northern England,  Including the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, fellwalking describes hill or mountain walks, as fell is the common word for both  features there.Hiking sometimes involves bushwhacking and is sometimes referred to as such. This specifically refers to difficult  walking through dense forest, undergrowth, or bushes, where forward progress requires pushing vegetation aside. In extreme  cases of bushwhacking, where the vegetation is so dense that human passage is impeded, a machete is used to clear a pathway.  The Australian term bushwalking refers to both on and off-trail hiking. Common terms for hiking used by New Zealanders are  tramping (particularly for overnight and longer trips),walking or bushwalking. Trekking is the preferred word used to describe  multi-day hiking in the mountainous regions of India, Pakistan, Nepal, North America, South America, Iran, and the highlands of  East Africa. Hiking a long-distance trail from end-to-end is also referred to as trekking and as thru-hiking in some places.  In  North America, multi-day hikes, usually with camping, are referred to as backpacking.[In Continental Europe amongst the most  popular areas for hiking are the Alps, and in the United Kingdom the Lake District, Snowdonia, and the Scottish Highlands.  In the US the National Park system generally is popular, whereas in Canada the Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia are the  most popular hiking areas. The most visited hiking area in Asia is probably Nepal. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is possibly the  most hiked short trail in South America.  Don;t forget about sun protection, especially at high altitudes where UV rays are at their most potent level.   Always use a sun hat,Sunglasses, UV protective clothing and Sunscreen,   Shelta was born from necessity. Our founder, an avid paddler and outdoor enthusiast invented a performance driven sun hat after not being able to find one that worked to his satisfaction. Being exposed to harmful UV rays while Hiking can  increase the odds of getting skin cancer and should to be addressed by wearing UV protective clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses  and a sun hat.  A Shelta is a different kind of sun hat. The brim doesnt flop in your face, he fabric is UPF 50+ rated and DWR  coated, it floats, and each style has unique and innovative features.  We wanted sun hats that could be worn in all weather  conditions and when participating in active sports or activities. Performance driven UV protection!   Different brim widths and crown styles were designed with outdoor sports and adventures in mind.  The brim doesn’t flop  in your face when it gets wet or windy. Shelta also has multiple styles designed to be the best sun hat for your trekking and  hiking needs.  For even more sun protection, use the Shelta neck shield, Shelta face gaiters and Shelta Sun glovea   Sun protection that won’t wear off!  Shelta has become the best sun hat ever made for Hiking. Athlete tested. Adventure approved. Get Shelta