The Best Sport Fishing Hats

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Big-game fishing, also known as offshore sport fishing, offshore game fishing, or blue-water fishing is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large  fish such as tuna and marlin which game fisherman regard as having "sporting qualities". Big-game fishing started as a sport after the invention  of the motor boat. Charles Frederick Holder, a marine biologist and early conservationist, is credited with founding the sport in 1898. He went on  to publish many articles and books on the subject, noted for their combination of accurate scientific detail with exciting narratives. Purpose built  game fishing boats appeared early in the 20th century. The bill fish (broad bill swordfish, marlin and sailfish), larger tunas (blue fin, yellow fin, and  big eye) and sharks (mako, great white, tiger, hammerhead and other large species) are the main species recognized as big-game fish, with many  anglers considering the Atlantic tarpon also a big-game species.  Smaller game fish, such as dolphin fish, wahoo, smaller tuna species such as albacore and skip jack tuna, plus barracuda, are commonly caught  as by-catch or taken deliberately for use as live or dead bait.  Historically most of the locations where the sport was developed, such as Avalon, California; Florida; Bimini in the Bahamas; Cairns, Queensland,  Australia; northern New Zealand; Panama; Wedgeport in Nova Scotia and Kona in Hawaii, benefited from the presence of large numbers of game fish  relatively close to shore, within range of the boats of that era. As the vessels used for sport fishing became larger, faster, longer-ranged and more  seaworthy, big-game species are now pursued on grounds ranging from 60 or 70 miles' distance from port, such as the submarine canyons of the  United States continental shelf, to hundreds of miles as in the case of the San Diego long range fishery, where large live-aboard vessels range far  out into the Pacific searching for tuna schools. Today big-game fishing is carried out from ports in tropical and temperate coasts practically worldwide.  Shelta has its roots in ocean sports! Our founder, an avid paddler needed a sun hat for UV protection.  After not finding one that worked to his  satisfaction he invented one.  Shelta was born from necessity. Being exposed to harmful UV rays while participating in offshore fishing can increase  the odds of getting skin cancer and should to be addressed by wearing UV protective clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat. That hat at the  time was a ball cap, a strap-on bucket, or a floppy sun hat.  A Shelta is a different kind of sun hat. The brim doesn't flop in your face, the fabric is  UPF 50+ rated and DWR coated, it floats, and each style has unique and innovative features.  We wanted sun hats could be worn in all weather  conditions and when participating in active sports or activities. Performance driven UV protection!  Different brim widths and crown styles were  designed with different outdoor sports and adventures in mind.  The brim doesn’t flop in your face when it gets wet or windy and the cord system  gives you options besides just tightening it around your chin. Shelta has multiple styles designed to be the best sun hat for your fishing, sport  fishing and big game fishing needs.  If you want even more sun protection, use the Shelta neck shield, face gaiter and Sun glove.  Sun protection  that won’t wear off!  Shelta has become the best sun hat ever made for outdoor athletes and adventurers. Athlete tested. Adventure approved.