The Best Sailing Sun Hats

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Sailing is a diverse sport with many pinnacles from the Olympic Games to many world championships titles to development  based campaigns for the America's Cup to round the world races such as the Vendee Globe and Volvo Ocean Race.  Sailboat racing ranges from single person dinghy racing to large boats with 10 or more crew and from small boats costing a  few thousand dollars to multi million-dollar America's Cup campaigns. The costs of participating in the high-end large boat  competitions make this type of sailing one of the most expensive sports in the world. However, there are inexpensive ways  to get involved in sailboat racing, such as at community sailing clubs, classes offered by local recreation organizations and  in some inexpensive dinghy and small catamaran classes. Sailboat racing is one of the few sports in which people of all  ages and genders can regularly compete with and against each other. Most sailboat and yacht racing is done in coastal or  inland waters. However, in terms of endurance and risk to life, ocean races such as the Volvo Ocean Race, the solo  VELUX 5 Oceans Race, and the non-stop solo Vendée Globe, rate as some of the most extreme and dangerous sporting  events. Not only do participants compete for days with little rest, but an unexpected storm, a single equipment failure, or  collision with an ice floe could result in the sailboat being disabled or sunk hundreds or thousands of miles from search  and rescue. Shelta has its roots in water sports! Our founder, an avid paddler needed a sun hat for UV protection.   After not finding one that worked to his satisfaction he invented one.  Shelta was born from necessity. Being exposed to  harmful UV rays while Sailing can increase the odds of getting skin cancer and should to be addressed by wearing UV  protective clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat.  A Shelta is a different kind of sun hat. The brim doesn't flop in  your face, the fabric is UPF 50+ rated and DWR coated, it floats, and each style has unique and innovative features.  We  wanted sun hats could be worn in all weather conditions and when participating in active sports or activities. Performance  driven UV protection!  Different brim widths and crown styles were designed with different outdoor sports and adventures in  mind.  The patented brim doesn’t flop in your face when it gets wet or windy and the cord system gives you options besides just  tightening it around your chin. Shelta has multiple styles designed to be the best sun hat for your sailing  needs.  For even  more sun protection, use the Shelta neck shield, face gaiter and Sun glove.  Sun protection that won’t wear off!  Shelta has  become the best sun hat ever made for sailing.  Athlete tested. Adventure approved. Get Shelta.