The Best Fly Fishing Hats

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Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial "fly" is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized  weighted line. Casting a nearly weightless fly or "lure" requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting.  Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates, baitfish, other food organisms, or "lures" to provoke the fish  to strike (bite at the fly). Fly fishing is most renowned as a method for catching trout, grayling and salmon, but it is also used for a  wide variety of species including pike, bass, panfish, and carp, as well as marine species, such as redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish  and striped bass. Many fly anglers catch unintended species such as chub, bream and rudd while fishing for 'main target' species  such as trout. A growing population of anglers[who?] attempt to catch as many different species as possible with the fly. With the  advancement of technology and development of stronger rods and reels, larger predatory saltwater species such as wahoo, tuna,  marlin and sharks have become target species on fly. Realistically any fish can be targeted and captured on fly as long as the  main food source is effectively replicated by the fly itself and suitable gear is used. Shelta has its roots in water sports! Our founder, an avid paddler needed a sun hat for UV protection.   After not finding one that worked to his satisfaction he invented one.  Shelta was born from necessity. Being exposed to harmful  UV rays while participating in fly fishing can increase the odds of getting skin cancer and should to be addressed by wearing UV  protective clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat.  A Shelta is a different kind of sun hat. The brim doesnt flop in your face,  the fabric is UPF 50+ rated and DWR coated, it floats, and each style has unique and innovative features.  We wanted sun hats  could be worn in all weather conditions and when participating in active sports or activities. Performance driven UV protection!   Different brim widths and crown styles were designed with different outdoor sports and adventures in mind.  The brim doesn’t flop  in your face when it gets wet or windy and the cord system gives you options besides just tightening it around your chin. Shelta  has multiple styles designed to be the best sun hat for your fishing and Flyfishing needs.  For even more sun protection, use the  Shelta neck shield, face gaiter and Sun glove.  Sun protection that won’t wear off!  Shelta has become the best sun hat ever made  for fly fishing.  Athlete tested. Adventure approved. Get Shelta.