The Best Sun Hat Reviews 2024 Shelta

SHELTA products are readily acknowledged as being the best in the world for “visionary sun protection”

“These hats stay on in the water and the stylish look is completely functional- the best boonie hats for outdoor activities”Standup Paddle Magazine

“Top Iconic Hat”Field and Stream Magazine

“Recently we discovered Sheltahats . These are very high tech hats that offer incredible UV protection and are designed to be used in and around the water (think surfing, SUP, whitewater, swimming, etc.) Dewey and I have been testing these for the last couple weeks and that are serious sun hats that we both agree outperform anything else. They have a stiff “winged” brim that offers great protection and vision, and doesn’t flop around even in 50mph winds. They are incredibly cool, and they stay put in the wind. The chinstrap can be clipped to the back to stay out of your way, or removed in seconds and stashed in a built in pocket. They’re expensive, but so far I would say they are well worth double the cost of other bucket, straw and up/downer hats I’ve tried. And they are just about double the price of many sun hats at $65. Headhunters Fly Shop, Craig Montana

Shelta Sun Hats are the Best

I’ve bought several colors in the Seahawk and love them. They are used in a variety of different activities and have NEVER let me down. Never have I questioned why I bought them.

My buddy liked mine so much he’s bought a hat or two.

I’m constantly answering questions about the Seahawk I happen to be wearing at the time and people love the hat.

I’m trying some of your face coverings and look forward to the same positive production as your hats!


styles“The only SUP hat that you should own.”SUP California Blog


“Best hats in the world. Favorite hat to paddle in. Never paddle without one.” - SUP Examiner


 “The brim stays in place, so awesome if you are a water person. A great design.”Hawaiian Water Patrol


“I love these hats. They are lightweight and quality made. I have purchased two --- the Seahawk and the Phoenix, which I wear while kayaking. They provide the needed sun protection but are so lightweight that you don't even notice you are wearing. I wore a Tilley hat previously but lost it on a trip earlier this spring. Thought I would try a Shelta based on the product description and I'm glad I did. It delivers or exceeds expectations on every level.” - Terry Gunter


“I've been wearing a variety of different hats for over 20 years now.  None of them compare to your product. The magic is in the rigid visor! Totally functional when dry or sopping wet. Fit and styling are right on point as well. A superior product to anything I've worn before it.”Steve Morris


“I wore the hat last night on a 10 mile training paddle getting ready for the Key West Classic race. The Hat is amazing” - Dan Smith, Paddling Paradise


 “The best hat for wakeboarding and boating activities. Couldn't live without it, especially on those Lake Powell trips”.Austin Ganz,


“I'm a Geologist in Colorado. I spend a lot of time in the field leading field trips and doing research in SE Colorado, which is a desert at best with 300+ days of sun. I own several hats, mostly OR, and they make great hats, but the front brim on this hat is amazing. I can already tell that this is my new field hat.  This hat is awesome, period” - Russell (Tofer) Lewis

“Used the hat off shore in one of the windiest Newport to Ensenada Race ever. Many boats broke the speed record. The hat worked great in all that wind. It didn’t flop around like the T….ly Hat I used to wear.  I will be ordering a hat for the skipper”  Bruce Gresham

“I've been surfing, standup paddling and oc paddling with my Osprey for a year now. Hands down the best accessory out there for the waterman.” Joe Godbee

“Great hat for all watersports but also for just about anything else too. In addition to surfing, standup, and boating. I have used mine for hiking, yard work and just lounging around since where I live the sun is relentless. I would highly recommend these hats for people that are looking for value and craftsmanship in the products they buy and use”. Steven Avery


“Definitely top quality hats and offers the best sun protection. I have the griffin and take mine everywhere, long boarding, hiking, traveling and the brim has stayed very durable!Emily Krak


“The best water hat I have ever worn! Been paddling and surfing in the osprey and the seahawk this past month at home and in Kauai. Light weight, comfortable, does not flap or blow off in the wind” - Michael Skelly
Hobie SUP Ambassador


“Finally a hat that can do it, especially in the wind. Even got my wife to wear a hat out on the water, boat and beach, which is unheard of. Never saw that coming. Outstanding customer service!!! Could not be happier for shade and sun protection in all of my activities”. Chris Lang


“Ok, wore it sailing and swimming yesterday, loved it. Fit is good and one hand adjustment for neck strap is nice. Kept my face and head from getting burnt and is surprisingly light and cool in the sun. Brim stayed put as advertised. I miss my old tilley hat but this one is better! It's more comfortable, lighter and protects me from that late afternoon sun on a Texas lake. . Peter Powers


“I recently purchased a Griffin Performance Hat for a 5 day fishing trip 300 miles into Mexico.  I absolutely love this hat!  I was fishing in full sun 8 hours a day.  The Griffin protected my face, ears and neck from sunburn.  Best hat I've ever owned.”  Thanks so much.  Blessings, Pastor Steven Day

“Got my Seahawk earlier in the week. Wore it today on the sailboat. Love it! Really like the stiff front brim that stays in place! Big issue I have had with other hats is brim flapping up and down into eyes. Material and quality of construction excellent. Will be using it for kayaking, sailing, fishing, and hiking. $65 is a a lot for a hat, but my first impression is that it will be well worth it.” Tim Long


“Simply the best technical hat on the market! Duke Edukas


“Epic. Fits. Floats. Stays. Fashion. Light. Eats wind.”  Michael Crimmins


“They are worth the extra money. I've had mine now for over a year. From the pool, yard work, hiking, surf, 4wheeling, etc. This had has still is in great shape.”  Matthew Parrish


“I love these hats. They are lightweight and quality made. I have purchased two --- the Seahawk and the Phoenix, which I wear while kayaking. They provide the needed sun protection but are so lightweight that you don't even notice you are wearing. I wore a Tilley hat previously but lost it on a trip earlier this spring. Thought I would try a Shelta based on the product description and I'm glad I did. It delivers or exceeds expectations on every level.”   Terry Gunteron


“Best water sports hat I have ever used!! This hat is great for any activity you can think of. Standup Paddle, Kayaking, jet skiing, Hiking, Surfing ETC. keeps sun off face, ears and neck. The cinch system keeps the hat on your head in any condition! Also used for golfing great sun protection! Will purchase another!!”   Maryann Spreeman


Awesome. Bought this hat for a trip to Great Exuma, Bahamas. Worked great on the boat and in high winds. Performed very well even when wet. I would hazard to say this is the best sun hat you can get for active people. Very nice thought put into the design. I am normally a 7-5/8 hat, so I ordered the L/XL, which fit perfectly. Was hoping it would also fit my son, who is a 7-7/8, but it was a bit tight for him. Shelta, can you make a XXL size to cover those rather large melons? ;) “Amazon Customer


“Love this hat, wanted one with a brim that wouldn't flop into my face, best designed hat for kayaking/paddling.
Would highly recommend!!!”
  Amazon Customer


“This is a very nice hat. I am very picky about what I wear on my head, as most hats I try are just not comfortable. This one however, is very comfortable. It has an adjustable strap that is not mentioned in the description that allows me to adjust the size when I put a bandana on as well. I fully expect a long relationship with this hat in all environments.”   Thomas L Lewis


“This is the perfect sun protection hat for kayaking or trekking. It solves the number one issue I've had with so-called sun protection hats; the brim stays down, thus protecting my face from the sun, while I either paddle or hike into head winds, which is - just awesome!”   Robert Finlay


“Just went on a 2.5 day ocean fishing trip. This hat works as advertised. Love the multiple position strap set up. If you do not need the the clearance I would recommend a model with a little larger side and back brim for more sun protection. The fixed front brim is perfect. Comfortable, light weight and great fit.”   Amazon Customer


“Great hat, provides excellent sun protection as well as the rain.”   Amazon Customer


“I love this hat! It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a hat. I like how the front bill is solid and doesn't droop when wet.”

  1. Davison


“These are the best hats if you spend time out in the sun, wind, and rain. No more floppy brims in your face. The side and back brim keeps the sun off and the front part of the hat has an extended brim that is 'solid' and will not flop in your view if it gets wet or sweaty. The best hat of its kind I have ever owned (bought me a second one just to have a backup). I prefer the silver colored one than the camo one as the camo style is a bit more green and brown than the black and grey I thought it would be based on the image on the screen”. Tuskeron

“I needed a hat to protect my head and face from the Sun. I have had skin cancer removed from my face in the past and am doing everything possible to protect myself from the Sun. One great thing about this hat is the lightweight and comfort of it. I was out at the Colorado River in May this year fishing, it was over 100 degrees. A great week of fishing, my Shelta Hat did its job in protecting me from the intense sun. Another great thing about this hat was that in the wind I didn't have to worry about it blowing off and losing it. Multiple cord systems were awesome. In the wind I use it under my chin, when it's calm I use it military style. The hard brim proved to hold up in the wind, not a floppy hat, and floated when I jumped in the river. This is a true sportsman’s hat!  Mark Spreeman

“First ... the purchase experience was great. Fast delivery with no problems!!
Secondly ... the Seahawk is a great boonie type sun hat!! High quality construction and the winged vision visor works perfect (no flapping here!) Spend a sunny weekend along the coast of Louisiana in my bay boat with no concerns about sun on my ears or head. Cruising 40 MPH from trout hole to trout hole with hat staying nicely on head and no bill flapping or slapping your face and sunglasses in the wind!! The hat is a little pricey but definitely constructed better than any other performance quality boonie I've ever owned which includes most of those out there!  Did I mention very cool ventilation for the head also?  5 star review for sure .. Can't go wrong with a SHELTA!!  I'm sure going to try me a Griffin next .. waiting for desert camo color!!”

“Wear it at the Jazz Fest, wear it surfing overhead waves in Costa Rica at Playa Hermosa, wear it paddling in Alaska or just hiking. This is my favorite hat to grab when going outside even tho I'm a trucker hat guy, this is my go-to for most all my water sport activities. I'm on my third one, got to have some options ha. The brim technology is just as described, after falling in the water after wiping out you can just jump back up and worry about paddling out the impact zone and not if you can see from a floppy hat....does not happen. This is a great design, looks great and protects you from the sun. Thanks guys for such a great product.”   Mark Salvetti

“Shelta Phoenix is the best hat I have yet worn for a multitude of sports and play!!! Keeps sun off my ears and neck, with the long brim covering face and nose!!! Adjustable fit for tightness or loosen it up for loose fit!! Great for cover in sun while out in the water. Stiff brim always keep the sun away from face. Used it for golfing and was great!! Better than a normal hat since it covered ears and neck on top of proving shade on the face!! Was a hot day so sweated some. Just rinsed it in some warm water, let it dry and it was like new again!! Was just in Hawaii used it for hikes, water sports and just kicking it by the pool. Even when it rained this hat performed! Best overall hat I have worn yet!!!”  Don Spreeman

“I wear my hat everyday when I'm at work!!! I love it.”  Steve Marsch

Fantastic hat 04/24/2022
Rating: 5 stars
Author: M Greenwood 

Own both Seahawk and Condor. Needed a hat that would keep the sun off during long days on the practice tee and golf course..they’re both great. The Seahawk is my go to when on the water flying around on my SeaDoo. Condor is for golf activity .. breathes well and keeps me from frying.