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crown1 crown2The bonnie crown was designed to be as functional in the water as on land. Truly Amphibious, it fits nicely on the top of the head with space on the sides for air flow. On dry land, the no sag moisture wicking headband absorbs perspiration, then transfers it through the breathable fabric to evaporate, In water, the headband wont get in the way putting your hat back on if it comes off. The side vapor liner provides air space for heat to escape through the breathable fabric and metal eyelets. These eyelets function well for drainage when in the water. Don’t forget that the interior pocket can be used for storing the removable cord system or other flat items. Our most multi-purpose and popular crown.  Amphibious Boonie Crown, Vapor Barrier Panel Light weigh polyester mesh creates air space, which allows moisture to escape, and prevents fabric from sticking to skin. Stash Pocket Velcro sealed pocket to store removable cord system when not in use. Also a place to stow small flat items. Metal Eyelets  Rust resistant screened eyelets strategically placed for ventilation and water drainage. NO SAG wicking Headband  soft and comfortable polyester fabric headband is sewn to the vapor barrier. This prevents the headband from sagging and getting in the way when putting your hat back on it the water. It also wicks away  perspiration from forehead on dry land Reflective Logo. Low key branding designed for function, style and safety. Size Cinch The singe handed pull cinch is critical for the quick on the fly size adjustment. The best hats for fathers day gifts