New Innovative Technology for Sun Hats

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Innovative Technology that makes the best fishing hat, best SUP hat and performance sun hat.Winged Vision Visor for Shelta Sun Hat - Technology that blocks the sun, not your vision. No more brims flopping in your face while stand up paddle boarding, as this innovation provides Visionary Sun Protection even when the brimgets wet or the wind starts blowing.Sun Hat Moisture Management System - Interior mesh liner effectively wick moisture away from  your skin to evaporate quickly through our breathable fabric.  The headband then wicks away any remaining  perspiration from your foreheadWater safe sun hat - Dual layers of closed-cell brim foam, our plastic winged vision visor and water repellent fabric enables our hats to FLOAT.  Also has an easy to spot orange interior.
Reflective Sun Hat logoSun Hat spf50 sun protection - Two crown styles and brim widths. Multiple  technical features designed for your specific outdoor performance needs. Sun Hats Designed for athletes and adventures.Sun Hat Moisture Management System