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Shelta Sun Hats
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About Shelta

 Shelta was born from necessity.

 We were in or on the water on a daily basis, so when a sun hat that functioned when it got wet or windy could not be found, we created one.

 Our obsession to solve a problem resulted in patent pending components like the  ‘NO FLOP” visor brim and convertible cord system.  Innovative design features, superior fabrics, and attention to detail, make a Shelta the most engineered, purpose-built sun hat in the world.

 The mission to compel outdoor athletes & adventurers to wear sun protection was accomplished by offering styles and technology that performs as well as it protects.  This philosophy ignited a movement of performance driven sun protection that has drawn the best and most avid outdoor enthusiasts to the brand.

 We now offer multiple styles and key accessories to reduce the lifetime exposure of harmful UV rays to our community of outdoor athletes and adventurers.

 We use Affliliatly for our affiliate program and offer a 10% Affiliate Payout.   For info, please contact

 Built with purpose, designed for performance.  

 Shelta is a different kind of sun hat!


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